Highly Efficient Design and Analysis Software

Software Descriptions


REA Software

REA Software is the solution for designing Segmental, Precast Modular, Green Walls and Slope, or other Gravity or Reinforced retaining walls.

REA Analysis

REA Analysis is the primary design tool for looking at retaining wall design. Choose the face unit and the soil reinforcing, input the geometry and soil parameters and the program develops a preliminary design section. Global stability, compound stability, and water design options are included. When combined with the Layout programs, an analysis is run for "each" section of the wall so no more guessing which is the critical section.

REA Analysis & Layout

Analysis and Layout combine the design engine of the REA Analysis program with the CAD capability of inputting the wall geometry (stations, top of wall, bottom of wall, station geometry), drawing the wall, and analyzing each wall section. Years 2023 & 2024 were years of updating: SRW Walls, PMB walls and basket wall layouts and analysis are much improved. All drawing files are saved as AutoCAD(TM) DWG files making conversion to construction drawings much quicker.

REA Analysis & CADD

Analysis and CADD have all the features of the REA Analysis and Layout with the advantage that the program runs as a library inside of AutoCAD(TM) as a dynamic link library (DLL), making the design a one-step process from inputting the geometry and calculating the wall to printing construction drawings. .NET (DLL) programming is the next phase for AutoCAD programming as the LISP approach is being phased out. Combining the analysis tools of REA Analysis and the layout tool in Analysis and CADD creates a program that is about as efficient as it gets. There is not DXF to DWG conversion required, no LISP programs required for conversion, no extra work for the designer, whether that is in-staff or contract AutoCAD designers.


REA Analysis

Design tool for looking at single sections. $20/mo. or $200/year.

$ 200/yr.

REA Analysis and Layout

Advanced tool for laying out walls and analyzing wall sections. Once the layout is complete the files are saved as AUTOCad drawings, no DXF conversion required. $50/mo. or $500/year.


REA Analysis and CAD

All the advantages of REA Analysis and CAD with the capability of running inside of AutoCAD (TM) full version. Once the design is complete, construction drawing can be completed, no DXF conversions. $50/mo. or $500/year.


Data Files

REA Data Files

Data files contain the data for both the geogrid reinforcing and the block face. We have over 90 different face options, so each is in a separate directory.

(If you have a proprietary version of the software, only those specific data files will load and run.)

Block Facing Options

  • Allan Block
  • Anchor
  • Basalite Concrete Products
  • Baskets
  • BigBlock
  • Boulders
  • Gabions
  • Geneva Rock
  • Kelly Block
  • KeyStone
  • Ledge Rock
  • London Boulder


Tutorials and Training

The software is easy to use but complicated to learn.
We have included PowerPoint files with a step by step walkthrough and YouTube Videos of the software in action. As we get more time we will develop more tools to help you navigate the software.