A Trusted Professional Engineer in Eagan, MN


Robert Race, is a professional engineer who has more than 25 years of experience in analysis design, marketing, sales, and the construction of civil engineering projects. He also spent more than 16 years working as an independent consultant providing his expertise for different kinds of clients and projects.

Currently, he retains professional engineering licenses and signs plans for final design and construction in 20 states. He also conducts technical training and sales seminars throughout the U.S. and in more than 30 countries around the world. You can also find Robert’s work featured in several publications.


Robert is an expert in a variety of civil engineering designs, including:

  • Structural
  • Civil
  • Geotechnical
  • Geosynthetic

His professional career also revolved around new product development, technical marketing, and engineering sales.


  • Bachelor of Science, Cornell University, Civil Engineering
  • Master of Business, Georgia College, Business Administration
  • Master of Science, Purdue University, Geotechnical Engineering


Stone & Webster Engineering, Denver, CO

He was a geotechnical engineer in this company. During his time here, he had the opportunity to work with some of the leaders in the industry, namely, Dr. Chuck Ladd, Dr. Ralph Peck, and Dr. Gary Brierly, in projects involving dam and hydro-electric projects and nuclear power facilities. These are located across the USA and Alaska which gave him the exposure to varying site and unusual loading conditions.

CRS Sirrine, Inc., Denver, CO & Raleigh, NC

Robert was the division manager for this renowned design and build firm. He was also the senior geotechnical engineer, consulting for rock tunneling projects.

In addition, Robert managed the following:

  • Field Testing
  • Bids and Estimates on New Projects
  • Contracts and Specifications
  • Business Development
The Tensar Corporation, Atlanta, GA

In 1984, this corporation made their first high-density polyethylene geogrid for reinforcing synthetic soil. It was manufactured at their plant in Morrow, GA. Always up for a challenge, Robert applied for the position of director of engineering.

He eventually became a part of the team tasked with developing geosynthetic applications. Under his leadership, they perfected some of the design methods and materials used today for base reinforcement, slope stability, and mechanically stabilized walls.

Keystone Retaining Wall Systems, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

In 1986, this company first introduced a segmental retaining wall (SRW) block used with geosynthetic reinforcement. The use of geosynthetics and modular block walls revolutionized engineering from the traditional concrete walls.

By 2006, the SRW industry had grown exponentially. It ballooned into a business worth more than $3 billion with over 300 million square feet installed per year in the U.S. and international markets.

Robert was part of the team when SRWs were developed. He also contributed in promoting new design methodologies, including a new system for training designers and contractors. Aside from that, he managed the international sales efforts for this product.

Deltalok USA, Inc., Minneapolis, MN

As a director of engineering, Robert oversaw the design, marketing, and sales for a green solution for slopes, walls, and erosion control. He was trained by regional sales professionals and soon worked with them to set up the distribution across USA.

His many contributions to this corporation include preparation of HITEC submittal for the DOT, Corps of Engineers, and NRCS, development of design software, and creation of various preliminary and final designs for projects.


In 2006, Robert founded his own independent company. His firm consults for the design of earth structures using plastics and steel soil reinforcement, wet-cast as well as dry-cast concrete, and polymer bags.

Our projects include design submittals, design software for large block systems, design software for SRW systems, updates to SRW Block design software, concrete panel design systems, and consulting on new product innovations.

Under Robert’s leadership, we also consult on matters involving epoxy-based coatings for concrete block retaining walls. These materials provide a high-gloss finish also known as a burnished block look using ultraviolet curing techniques. We also consult on an innovative, graffiti-proof epoxy paint that uses a soy-based, eco-friendly solvent for cleaning.